WTM 11/15/15 Meet the Librarian

Yes we met the Fresno County librarian Terrance McArthur who spent some of Sunday afternoon describing the programs at Fresno County Public Library. It wasn't about Dewy Decimal System but the amazing tools and services that GDG members might utilize by using their library card. This writer picked up a new card at the event since I hadn't used mine in 50 years.

Rio Waller and Victoria Solomon led the group and reviewed some of the upcoming events including the Hour of Code likely December 8th at Fresno City College. There is a planned event for WTM for 2016 in March but only early announcement was mentioned without a time or day.

The best thing I heard Sunday was the free access to www.Lynda.com. There are so many coding language modules available for the interested person who wished to expand their skills on coding. Also they have services for grants and grant writers through affiliation with library tools. This was a meeting well worth attending.