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Progressive Web Apps in the Wild

at Bitwise South Stadium
700 Van Ness Ave
Fresno, CA 93721

Didn't we peek your curiosity ? Orgaqnizer Csaba Toth will discuss Progressive Web Apps. Also there is some news coming out of Google and Google I/O 2016 is May 18,19,and 20 at Google this year. If you can't go there will be streaming and we will talk about the specifics in June 2nd as a follow up. 

Progressive Web Apps are:

  • Progressive - Work for every user, regardless of browser choice because they’re built with progressive enhancement as a core tenet.
  • Responsive - Fit any form factor: desktop, mobile, tablet, or whatever is next.
  • Connectivity independent - Enhanced with service workers to work offline or on low quality networks.
  • App-like - Feel like an app to the user with app-style interactions and navigation because it's built on the app shell model.
  • Fresh - Always up-to-date thanks to the service worker update process.
  • Safe - Served via HTTPS to prevent snooping and ensure content hasn’t been tampered with.
  • Discoverable - Are identifiable as “applications” thanks to W3C manifests and service worker registration scope allowing search engines to find them.
  • Re-engageable - Make re-engagement easy through features like push notifications.
  • Installable - Allow users to “keep” apps they find most useful on their home screen without the hassle of an app store.
  • Linkable - Easily share via URL and not require complex installation.